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Every day, we make effort to provide our customers services that fully satisfy all requests.

  • Construction, reconstruction of roads and landscaping
  • Production of asphalt mixes
  • Transport services and rental equipment
  • Civil
  • Maintenance of transport units and special equipment
  • Manufacture and installation of road signs

Construction, reconstruction of roads and landscaping

"Nouconst" performs road construction works in the full cycle, from the stage of consultation to commissioning. Each stage of the project, whether it is - priming, filling the basement or asphalt - is implemented with maximum efficiency and quality. The basis of any project lies not only the aesthetic part, but also the safety of others.

1000 km2
Roads were laid in 11 years
In 100
Settlements of a country

2 plant
Asphalt production

Production of asphalt mixes

The company has two factories for the production of asphalt mixtures, equipped with the latest technology and qualified professionals serving. Our products are of high quality. At the request of customers we supply all kinds of asphalt.

We produce the following types of mixtures ȘMBg –II/2.3, PGg – II/2.3, ȘMPg –I, ȘKPg-I, ȘMAg- 2,75.
All products are certified and meet the standards.

Perf-ce 120 t/h
Plant in c. Edinit
Perf-ce 60 t/h
Plant in c. Chisinau

Transport services and rental equipment

Our company offers services in transportation of building materials, and rental of equipment with professional operators. We guarantee quality work and timely transportation to any part of the country.

Types of specialized equipment:

Excavators: Liebherr, Terex, Komatsu, Yanmar,Caterpillar;
Graders: Bomag, MBU, DZ;
Loaders: Komatsu, Bobcat, Changlin;
Rollers: ABG, Case, Hats, Amann, Dynapac, Bomag, Vibromax;
Asphalt: MBU, Demag, Vogel;
Компрессоры: Sullair, Atlas;
Generators: Towerlight

Car park with bearing capacity:

7.5 t


One of our directions is civil engineering (gas stations, warehouses, houses) and construction of utility networks (water, sewage, etc.). We offer our customers a full range of services in this area. Experience, professionalism , equipment and resources make us the most competent and reliable partners in this segment of services.

Maintenance of transport units and special equipment

We are proud of our team of qualified professionals. We have a special workshop equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools that allow the repair and maintenance of equipment and transport units, providing reliable operation at optimum load.

Type of works:

- Engine repair
- Repair of the suspension of large machinery
- Welding
- Repair of the rear axle of large machinery
- Trailer Maintenance (brakes, pneumatic systems, suspensions)
- Production of hydraulic hoses
- Locksmith

Trained staff
Own repair shop
Technical equipment

Manufacture and installation of road signs

Traffic signs are an essential safety aspect of the movement on the roads. Therefore, their manufacture and installation is an integral part of our comprehensive services. We also deal in all kinds of special labeling, as the pavements and pedestrian areas.

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Specialized equipment:
- Excavators: Liebherr, Terex, Komatsu,Yanmar,Caterpillar;
- Graders: Bomag, IvlBU, DZ, Faun Fish;
- Loaders: Komatsu, Bobcat, Changlin;

Freight transport:
- Mercedes Actros с грузоподъемностью 26t (40t with trailer);
- Daf 85.340 carrying capacity 22 t;
- Daf 55.180 carrying capacity 10 t;

Completed projects

Each stage of the project , whether it is - priming, filling the basement or asphalt - is implemented with maximum efficiency and quality

Reparația capitală

or. Strășeni

Amenajarea cu pavaj

r-ul Dondușeni

Amenajarea cu pavaj

or. Chișinău

Reparația capitală

or. Stefan Vodă

Reparația capitală


Restabilirea drumului

Or. Chișinău

Reparația capitală

r-ul Ștefan Vodă

Restabilirea drumului

r-ul Hincesti

Our partners

Experience, professionalism , equipment, and resources make us one of the most competent and reliable partner in this segment of services.

Why we are the best

Our activities are based on three main principles: safety, efficiency and flexibility


Strict compliance with all regulations, standards and technical regulations. All our products are certified and comply with the applicable standards.


We understand that time is the most important and invaluable criterion, so we saw to it that each stage of our work was carried out on time.


The quality management system in our company strives to maintain and continuously improve the level of quality of work and our products.


Treated with respect and professionalism to each of our customers by providing them with comprehensive and customized solutions.